Zealous youths form political party to advance young people’s aspirations

By James Atem Kuir

A group of young political activists have launched a new political party called African People’s Congress (APC) to champion aspirations of young people and‘fight of all ills affecting people today.’

The youthful politicians who described their political ideolog yas liberalism, said they founded the APCafterabandoning the People’s Liberal Party (PLP) led by Humanitarian Affairs Minister PeterMayenMajongdit, accusing him of having betrayed them while serving asparty’s youth wing members last year.

The PLP leader denied any wrongdoing and instead said the former party youth members left because they were outcompeted for appointment into government positions.

In a statement read by Deng-bil William the new party interim chair yesterday, the group said: “Just like our fellow South Sudanese, we in the People’s Congress have had our fair share of disappointment and betrayals from traditional political parties. South Sudanese have always been taken for a ride by briefcase opposition parties that do on have the good of the people and country at heart, and we are stepping in to address this political opportunism once and for all.”

“African People’s Congress is not going to settle for positions and government money like the other traditional political parties, in fact we shall not even settle for ministerial or vice president’s position or even president’s seat unless if it’s through democratic processes like elections. We are stepping into the ring to tilt the political land scape and the waypolitic is done will never be the same again in South Sudan,” the group added.

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