Youths welcome lowering of bride price to 30 cows

By yiep joseph

Youth in the country yesterday commended the recent move by Jonglei traditional leaders to reduce bride price at not more than 30 heads of cattle.

In a community gathering at Sherikat suburb over the weekend, chiefs revealed that theyhad agreed to maintain the bride price not more than 30 heads of cattle to make it easyfor young people to get married.

In an Exclusive interview with Juba Monitoryesterday, youths across the country supported the setting of the bride price within 30 heads of cattle while few objected the discission.

A youth in Ayod County Manyany Kuom Machar, revealed that the idea by the chiefs to maintain the bride price not exceeding 30 heads of cattle is a good move that will encourage most of the youths to get married with little they have.

“I agree with the decission of chiefs to maintain bride price within the range of 30 heads of cattle. It gives us opportunity to work hard and stop the idea of looking a tour sitters as property for sale or banks,” Kuom said.

He called on the youths to support the local chiefs in implementing their discission of bringing bride price to the normal one.

Meanwhile, another youth in Jonglei Philip Ajang Alier mentioned that the move is good and it will be very good if the youths later see its implementation in the community.

“If the chiefs (sultans) focus well and influence the community to support and implement the discission, it will be agood move” Alier said.

He called on the elders to lower their expectations for hundreds of cattle and huge amount of money when coming to marriage.

For us the youths, we need to be agents of change and stop relying on our sisters as sources of wealth but let’s see them as people who are needed for nation building.

However,Anyier Kiir in Juba, revealed that the discission made by the chiefs will not yield fruits because ladies are different. There are some who disserved to be married with high bride price and those with low depending on the level of education and beauty.

“We ladies have never been cheap even during the time of our grandfathers, men paid hundreds of cattle depending on the beauty and the nature of wealth they have,”Anyier said.

She encouraged ladies to put the idea of character as first priority in a men to marry not the number of cattle or money asked.

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