Youths urged to be productive

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Youths in Pagirinya refugee settlement have been urged to engage in productive activities during Covid-19 pandemic lock down.

This came after hundreds of youths were seen to be focusing on sport activities all day long in the settlement.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Tiondi Bosco, a university student said most of the youths had become reluctant during the lock down.He said their idleness could increase the rate of crimes in the settlement.

“Just imagine from morning up to evening, these young able youths focus on sports, what will it give you,’’ he asked.

Reports in Adjumani central police station indicated that there were overfifty cases of defilement for the past three months which was believed to be one of the negative impacts of coronavirus.

Tiondi noted that engaging in productive activities like farming could make the youths busy and would greatly improve the lives of the youths.

He asked school children to continue revising their books as they waited for the government to reopen learning institutions.

“Am urging the school girls to focus on reading their books,’’ he said.

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