Youths urged to be innovative

By Yiep Joseph

Youths residing in Shirakat are called to be creative and support Agriculture plus other productive initiatives like brick laying in order to reduce the rate of unemployment and idleness in the area.

In an Exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Manyok Chol David the owner ofa vegetable farm project and brick factory in Shirakat called on the youths to participate in agriculture and any other income earning activities like brick laying.

“Iam holding degrees but I also participate in Agriculture, I set up a vegetable farm as part of my work in order to sustain my family and get money,” Chol mentioned.

He urged youths who have no jobs to join him any help theirpeople during this farming season back home or in Juba.

“The two projects set up that is the brick laying project and the vegetable farm project at the outskirt of Shirakat are meant to employ local residents around and generate income,” he said.

He stated that youths must focus on creativity and put aside their papers citing that there is high rate of unemployment in the country.

“Let us all focus on Agriculture and any other thing that can give us money this will help us sustain our families and help our young brothers and sisters to study,” he added.

He revealed that the small land around Shirikat area can be preferrable for local farming since it is far from the town.

Ustaz Chol mentioned that there is need for youths to be involved in the practical things that give them money to help their families.

He urged youths to stay away from violence and embrace the spirit of peace and coexistence.  

“Our people need help, they need food and money so let us work hard to support them where necessary. This can only be achieved through practical involvement in Agriculture and income earning projects like the one I am doing,” he added.

He mentioned that youths must engage themselves in all types of work where is there is money in order to compete with the rest of the East African countries who are in the job market.

Manyok Chol David is a lecturer at the university and the owner of the two projects the vegetable farm project and the brick laying project.

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