Youths should embrace nationalism

By John Agok

The Juba Central Rotarian Club President called on youth to embrace the spirit of nationalism.

Addressing the members of Rotarian Club in Juba, Reech Mayen Akuak, Juba Central Rotarian Club President told some youth who attended the weekly meeting over the weekend.

Mr. Reech urged youth to develop the sense of nationalism in every single step and approach in their daily activities.

“We all know that in everything we do, we must sing the National Anthem by observing our heart in recognizing the elements of being patriotic and this is very obvious for all of us,” he said.

He revealed that the agenda were deliberated after the members recited the National Anthem as a sense to respect the nation.

“We also wish everyone to begin with national anthem before everything and in whatever you want to do. Patriotism and Nationalism are the same sides of one coin and concurrently go without escaping it,” he added.

Mr. Reech the graduates in the universities should cultivate the spirit of nationalism and sense of patriotism which define the identity of an individual.

“You can only be identified and defined by these two values as being nationalist and patriotic. Whatever you do is for your country first, even if you are doing it for your own family,” he concluded.

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