Youths should be visionary

The World is moving but our youths are sleeping. Can’t you see what is going on? Wake up and start doing something with your life at this stage of your life. Start working! You are the tool for development and peacekeeping.

You should have vision for a better future. Work hard for your future regardless of the problematic situations our country is going through. You should not be polluted by the political instability in the country. Do not allow yourself to be used as tools for slaughtering your fellow countrymen.

It is sunset for them and you are in a new dawn. So you have enough time to fulfill all your lifetime dreams, but the question is, how are you going to achieve these dreams?

You first have to remove the spirit of tribalism and segregation amongst yourselves. Do not judge people by their tribes or individual behaviour, and do not be trammeled by tribalism. Aim for your future and be serious and committed to attaining the goals.

There are many blockages and obstacles that will try to stop your virtuous future among them are; dipsomaniac, desires, confused ladies and socialization with peer friends which leads to debauchery life.

You need to time yourself and refrain from disincentive events such as going to the night clubs, restaurants where people dizzy themselves with strong drinks.

You do not have to follow them because you are still young. As you are energetic, do productive things in your life. Study the people you admire to become good friends in the future and set your principles to keep you on tract.

This is the time to break the yoke of poverty in your family. Life is all about your positive thoughts and how you carry them out. Compare the working and lazy hands sitting always at tea places without stretching for communal work.

Young people should know that time is the only thing that man has never and will never be able to reverse. So the more you spend time smoking cigarette and getting drunk every day, the more you are limiting your lifetime on Earth thereby, digging your own grave.

If you are after pressure of fashions and enjoying the dot-com events then you will have no future and the world will only eliminate you spontaneously.

Parents and guardians can only give good advice to their children or put them on the right paths but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands. You will live in harmony when you are subjected to respect, forgiveness, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence.

Remember you cannot solve your own problems with the same mind you used when you created them thus, let us pursue education and use it as the only powerful tool for transformation.

Change will not come if you wait for someone to start. You are the person, you have been waiting for. You are the change and the tool that you seek. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them through education.

There are some people who always say, “I wish I was young, if i was a teenager, I would do this and that”. You are in the right age to do some changes in the country. Dear youths, this is not the time for luxurious life but rather, positive state of mind.

People grow old only by deserting their ideals and by outgrowing the consciousness of youth. Be certain to organize your time around the true priorities in your life. Be the most honest and trustworthy person among others. Curb your worldly desires and you will strengthen your will. He who is deeply bounded to materialistic things runs into difficulties and unhappiness when they are taken away. Forge and foster great friendships by associating with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Such relationships are essential for maintaining a healthy and successful life.

Show compassion and sincere consideration for all your colleagues and watch the results that will incur. If you are students, focus on your education and achieve what you eagerly desire in future. The fact is that you must love an idea of becoming somebody or doing something fruitful in life.

An idea gives rise to mental image, a mental image will then generate into a mental habit out of which a mental trait ultimately blossoms. Master your thoughts and mind and for a while you will recognize that you are really mastering your life towards your destiny.

Recognize the tremendous power of opposite thinking. This simple technic involves the substitution of a positive thought each and every time a negative or limiting thought enters your mind and begins to detract from your focus, for example, one of your relatives may employ you in a job where you will be earning satisfactory salary to afford your basic needs then you may think “why should I get worried since I have money and our age mates are doing the same?” Immediately replace this defeating thoughts pattern before it begins to take hold by taking the opposite. For example, “I better finish my studies first and get married later.”

Education is the key to a bright future or success and if anyone neglects it then he or she will walk lame towards his/her life. Be a smart upstanding student the one with balance in both personal and professional excellence. Also be a star that shines brightly for all those in darkness.

Doing that will let people admire you for your chariness. Cultivate your new friendship with people who have succeeded in life instead of those who have failed. You will truly be surprised why people end up over years and how small, kind gestures will help you later on in life.

Treat everyone who crosses your path as if he or she is the most important person in your world and you will certainly meet with great success. You must keep the good things you desire to achieve at the forefront of your mind throughout the day.

Repeat your ambitions at least five times a day and visualize yourself achieving them. If your goal is to be rich, picture the house you wish to live in, the car you want to drive, how it feels like to be rich and have pleasure of altering your goals in life.

If you want all these good things to happen, you have to start investing now because tomorrow belongs to people who have prepared for it already. Don’t spend most of your time watching TV, playing cards or the other games that take your attention.  The people you are watching or supporting like footballers, wrestlers and singers have already worked hard and achieved their goals. They are famous and successful that is why you watching and support them. It does not matter how far your destination is or how you were born but you can reposition yourself today.

Life is neither a game nor a destination but it is a journey. All in all, laziness never arrives at the attainment of a good wish.

By Jovanto Aleu Garang


The writer can be reached via: jovantogarang@gamil.com or call +211955516694

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