Youths encouraged to stick together for peaceful coexistence

By Atimaku Joan

Youths in the country have been encouraged to stick together in order to promote the national agenda which aimed a peaceful coexistence without tribalism.

Speaking during the General Assembly of South Sudan Youth Society for Peaceful Coexistence on Saturday, the newly elected Chairperson of the organization Ring Charles Mayen, said that it was a great time for the youths to join hands together to promote peace.

“In the war, most of our colleagues went out and some have come back, but this is the time now for all of us to come back and dialogue one to one if we want to promote this peace, we want to support our national dialogue process,” said Mayen.

He stated that the organization is willing to coordinate with anyone including the media houses in order to send the information of peace to everyone.

The Chairperson also affirmed that there were challenges faced by the organization before as there were roadmaps to tackle those challenges by then.

However, James Mayiik, the former Finance Secretary revealed that the organization had challenges such as lack of financial support and urged the members of the organization to remain committed to supporting the new Chairperson handle the challenges together.

Mayiik encouraged the youths to be engaged in agricultural activities to address some common issues such as poverty and unemployment at hand.

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