Youth urged to use social media for peace

The Director of Promised Land Secondary School Juba Jok Abraham has called upon the youth to use social media to promote peace.

Jok said instead of using Facebook for inciting violence, and promoting hate speech, they should use it for spreading peace message.

“It is unfortunate that youth use social media for the wrong course, in other parts of the world people use social media to get jobs, study on line, do business and other developmental things,” Jok said.

For the sake of our country the youth should use social media to spread peace messages because it is peace that the country is yearning for now,”Jok told Juba Monitor yesterday.

Zaida who declined to give her second name said that social media just like any media is so powerful and urged her fellow youth to use it positively.

“We must use social media to send peace messages, preach peace and inform our network about jobs rather than using it for convening messages of revenge and tribalism as this will not develop our country,” said Zaida.

Another youth who identified herself as Kevin said she uses Facebook mainly to connect with her friends. She said any tribal group on Facebook must stop promoting tribalism and join the call for peace.

Edward Yakani, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said social media is poorly used by South Sudanese and urged every one to use it for developmental purposes.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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