Youth urged to take up small business taken by foreigners

By Kidega Livingstone

The Norwegian People’s Aid officials urged the youth to get involved in the small businesses that were taken by the foreign youth in order to sustain their living.

Speaking during the training session on peace process in Mangaten, Project Coordinator for Norwegian People’s Aid, Michael Gorjin said majority of the youth abandon petty businesses to foreign youth who are benefitting directly from the country.

“Those who are making sapatti, cakes and other small business are not South Sudanese. They are all coming from neighboring countries and yet you (youth) are capable to do all these businesses,” said Gorjin.

“South Sudan needs development but you cannot expect youth from Uganda to come and develop your country. We need to change our mind set .Ugandan youth are making sapatti here and they are getting a lot of money why don’t you do that also,” he added.

He emphasized that waiting for professional jobs cannot work because it is very difficult to get the jobs because of too much competition.

“I am telling you to do any job even construction so that you have money in your pocket. For the female they can go for small business of making bread and selling vegetable in the market,” said Gorjin.

However, Kume Ruai, one of the youth told Juba Monitor that there is need to create awareness among the youth on how they can change their lives. He said most of the youth were not aware of doing such businesses.

“What I know is that our youth including me need to change our mind set and awareness must be created in order for us to start competing with the foreign youth in the area of business and other activities that can sustain our lives,” said Ruai.

He emphasized that the conflict has destroyed the future of the youth in the area of education and self-reliance

Sudan Gai, said that the training on entrepreneurship should be provided to the youth in order for them to have skills in the business.

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