Youth urged to stop being dependent on gov’t

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Yamaz Oyoyo Enock, a young entrepreneur has urged his fellow youth to stop being dependent on the government.

Majority of South Sudanese as revealed by Yamaz are waiting for the government to give them free money, pay their school fees and bring food on the table for them.

Yamaz also blamed some youth for not being innovative and creating their own jobs urging that the role of the government is to provide conducive environment but not money.

“I pity some youth who are still waiting for the government to pay for their school fees or give them money, instead we should be supporting the government by making sure we pay taxes so that the services that we want can be delivered,” said Yamaz.

Yamaz also revealed that many youth in the country want white collar jobs hence leaving the dirty jobs for the foreigners who have ended up being better than them.

“We the youth keep on blaming the government and wanting white collar jobs instead of doing any kind of work available for survival just like the foreigners who are seen selling bread and tea on the streets,” Yamaz said.

The syndrome of dependency in the country is so high and in April 2019 during the launch of the South Sudan Gateway, President Salva Kiir questioned the youth who are depending on everything like soap from relatives.

Mathias Magembe, a street Nail cutter in Juba while speaking to Juba Monitor said that what is killing the South Sudanese youth is pride.

“Most South Sudanese youth are so proud of themselves and this is what is making them remind behind while the rest of the world is moving forward,” said Mathias.

Majority of South Sudanese youth are not educated and seen idle playing cards and sited at tea places within the city.



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