Youth urged to participate in peace implementation

By Kidega Livingstone

The Chairperson South Sudan National Youth Union, Mr. Gola Boyoi Gola has reiterated the message of encouraging the youth to get involved in the implementation of peace agreement.

 “I urge young people to think about getting involved in the peace implementation, they should participate in reconciling the community,” he said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on telephone interview on the International Youth Day, Mr. Gola described the peace agreement as the only chance to development because peace is the only answer for nation building.

He said youth should be exemplary in uniting the community in their respective areas. “Let us work on how we can reconcile our people. The message here is peace,” he said.

 He further encouraged youth to participate in agriculture saying it was the backbone of the country since 80 per cent of the population depends on farming.

“Youth have to practice agriculture because it is and will continue to be country’s backbone. Young people should get involved in learning about modern biotechnology so they can know how we can improve agriculture and help to get rid of unemployment,” he said.

The theme of the International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

In 1999, the General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 8-12 August 1998) that 12 August be declared International Youth Day.

International Youth Day gives an opportunity to celebrate and mainstream young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives, as well as their meaningful, universal and equitable engagement.

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