Youth urged to fight poverty in communities

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Youth across the nation have been urged to eradicate poverty in their communities. Francis Woja Wani, Chairperson of Community Initiative and Sustainable Peace Organization (CISPO) said the organization was teaching youth on poverty eradication to understand the meaning of poverty.

He was speaking during a one-day workshop in Juba on Friday last week.

“The organization targets women and youth across the country. We are training them on how poverty affects communities and how conflicts come in societies,” he said.

“We want to create more projects to them. Very soon we will launch other programs call South Sudan Peace Building,” he added.

He said the youth cannot solve problems in their communities if they do not understand the problems.

Joseph Lomena, one of the participant said many people in his community do not know what poverty is despite their suffering.

Lomena urged people to overcome the challenges that affect communities. He said there should be reconciliation and peace building in order to ensure communities co-exists.

Julia Elikana Dingimo from Women Against Poverty Organization said most of the women who lost their husbands, sons, and daughters during the war were suffering a lot.

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