Youth urged to fight COVID-19

By Mandela Nelson Denis

A youth activist is urging his fellow youth in the country to desist from spreading hate speech but rather focus on fighting the coronavirus.

As South Sudan had already confirmed two cases, there was a rise in hate speech in social media against aid workers.

Speaking to Juba Monitor from his home, Wani Michael said he observed so much hate speeches being spread by young people on the internet instead of investing the energy on joining the government in ensuring the virus is fought.

“The youth should explore all ways passing information to the local population using their own resources but mindful of the health guides rather than wasting time on hate speech,” said Wani.

Wani added that the money young people waste on spreading hate speech about coronavirus should be invested in sharing educative information about coronavirus.

“Coronavirus does not know race, rich or poor, we must all join hands together in fighting the pandemic,” he added.

“There are so many ways the youth in South Sudan can help in creating awareness about coronavirus.”

The youth activist appreciated a team of volunteers on bicycles moving in different residential areas in Juba spreading the message on coronavirus adding that such teams should be supported.

Despite the fact that two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the country, Wani said it was easy to stop the virus if all South Sudanese work together.

Not forgetting the importance of hand washing and keeping social distance, he said the measures put by the government should be highly respected.

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