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Youth urged to be peace ambassadors

A youth leader from Gogrial is urging all the youth in the country to be peace ambassadors by avoiding tribalism in order for the country to attain everlasting peace and development.

“We the youths of this country are the ones to restore peace, love and togetherness in our country so that we can develop,” he said. “We should leave tribal issues aside. Youths from Equatoria should be free to move to Bor and vice versa, share ideas for the nation development, preach peace and everything we do should proclaim peace.”

Thiik further explained that the founding fathers of the nation have done their part to liberate the country, saying it is upon the youth to carry on the legacy of those who died for the country.

“Our founding fathers died to liberate this country so that we can enjoy everlasting peace and sustainable development, it is time for us the youths of South Sudan to be peace ambassadors, voice of change, voice of love and reconciliation in our communities,” Thiik told Juba Monitor.

He said he will open empowerment centers across the country where different youths from all parts of the nation can meet and learn vocational skills like carpentry to fight the rate of unemployment in the country.

“We the youths have to come together and lobby together with the international bodies so that empowerment centers are built for us. A lot of youth are facing unemployment and those on the streets should learn skills that can empower them in life and it is one of my mandates to make sure it happens,” Thiek said.

Thiik said the role of promoting peace lies in the hands of the youth who constitute majority of the population.

He said the times of the old generation is over, and “it is time for the youths to take control of the country so that the next generation finds a peaceful and prosperous South Sudan.”

By Mandela Nelson Denis








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