Youth Union conducts fundraising for vulnerable university students

By Okan Thomas Onyango

The South Sudan National Youth Union is conducting a fundraising campaign to support vulnerable students from the University of Juba who are not able to pay their school fees.

Speaking by phone to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Chairperson of National Youth Union, Boyoi Gola   said that they are calling for a fundraising to help some vulnerable students who are locked out of Juba University due to lack of school  fees.

Gola call further on anybody willing can start donating online through Facebook as they are organizing to conduct the main fundraising at Nyakuron Cultural center very soon.

“Anybody willing can donate now through social media especially Facebook as we are going to conduct the open air fundraising at Nyakuron Cultural center”, Gola said.

“We are forming a committee and then meet with the vice chancellor of Juba University and see the modalities on how we can identify the vulnerable students who did not pay their school fee”, he added.

In a statement seen by Juba Monitor on his Facebook account, the chairperson posted that, “Instead of calling Prof. Akec to resign let’s make fundraising for our brothers who are not able to pay. I will start with $100.”  

Early this week, the University of Juba has suspended lectures for all students until November 21 after they protested for being asked to enter the campus with identity cards together with bank receipts indicating that they had paid their tuition fees.

The University administration also ruled out that any student who has not registered by Saturday, November 21st 2020, would be deregistered and shall not be allowed to attend lectures, sit for examinations or be on campus.

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