Youth Union condemns use of Lou-Nuer name by defectors

By Chany Ninrew

The YouthLeader of Lou-Nuersub clan hascondemned a statement by members of his community whoallegedly defected from the SPLM-IO on behalf of Lou-Nuer.

Last week, a handful of Lou-Nuer politicians, military generals and chiefs declared that they had pulled away from the clan from the opposition party SPLM-IO.

In a press statement that was read out on SSBC-TV and circulated on social media, the group, on behalf of their community declared that they were no longer supporting SPLM-IO citing political neglect by the party’s chairman.

“This is to inform the general public that we, the community of Lou Nuer do hereby declare our breaking away from SPLM-IO of Dr. Riek Machar,” said the group’s chairman on SSBC.

However, in an interview with Juba Monitorfrom Bor, the chairman of Lou-Nuer Triple AllianceWanyBuom condemned the use of the name of a community in political defections.

“We warn all our community members worldwide to refrain from using the name of Lou-Nuer as a ladder for political uphill, at this time we are urging all politicians and military officers to toe a clear line between politics and a community,” he said.

Buom however, said he welcomed any trend gearing towards shifting a political allegiance from the SPLM-IO or any other political party as long as the defectors identified themselves by their names.

He also warned that military and political shifts at this time must be handled with caution so that it does not impede the ongoing efforts to unify all forces under one unit.

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