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Youth Union aspirant vows to fight unemployment among youths

By Yiep Joseph

Central Equatoria state Youth Union aspirant for the chairperson in the2ndConvention has vowed to fight the rampant unemployment among the state youths.

As 2ndConvention drew nearer probably this week, Adv. Kunyu Benjamin Mono, the aspirant for the chairperson vowed to fight the rampant youth unemployment in the state.

This development came during the presentation of the manifesto to the delegates for the 2nd convention yesterday.

The second state youth convention is where all the delegates from all the counties in Central Equatoria state join together and elect a new chairperson and other executives for the Union.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Adv. Kunyu Benjamin Mono,the aspirantvowed to fight the rampant unemployment among the youth inCentral Equatoria State.

“Most of the youths in Central Equatoria state are unemployed and I promise to coordinate with the state government to engage the youths in Agriculture,” Mono said.

“The governor of Central Equatoria State is willing to work with the youth and I promise that youthsshould be train in vocational schools to acquire skills that can inspire them to be self-employed,” he added.

He mentioned that Agriculture is one of the avenues to address the issue of unemployment among youth in Central Equatoria State.

“We are also looking into how we can create partnership with other institutions like UN agencies, National Organizations and state Ministry of agriculture and other government institutions that would rally behind us in the fight against unemployment,” he expressed.

“These are the avenues that I would use to fight against the rampant unemployment among the youths in the state when I become the chairperson,”

He called on the delegates to play their role as their votes count for the better future of youths in Central Equatoria.

“I want to assure the delegates that they have a role in this coming 2nd convention, their vote counts, I want to tell them to vote wisely and vote for ideas that will bring better change for the youth of Central Equatoria,” he promised.

Mono revealed that he was inspired by the hard-working youth of Central Equatoria state that needed peace and unity among themselves.

He mentioned that his main objective is to fully engage the entire youths of Central Equatoria state in the socio-economic development in the country.

My main focus is to bring all the youths from Central Equatoria state together and work hand in hand for the betterment of Central Equatoria state and South Sudan at large, he said.

He encouraged all the delegates from all the counties of state to turn up in large numbers during the convention in order to discuss and elect new leaders as the democratic right.

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