Youth training on behaviour change kicks off in Juba

By Moses Gum Degur

More than fifty youth leaders are undergoing a three-day training on group dynamics, behaviour change and leadership to strengthen their relations and foster unity amongst them.

The workshop organised by Youth for Peace and Development (YPD) in partnership with Organization for Non-violence and Development (ONAD) was attended by youth representatives from various organisations across the country.

The sessions started yesterday at Women’s Union Conference Hall in Juba.

Gak Abraham GeuDit, the Executive Directorof Youth for Peace and Development, said the workshop aimed at empowering youth leaders on group dynamics, behavior change and leadership in a bid to promote peace and development amongst the young people in the country.

He said there was need to bring the young people together; empower, train and give them lifelong skills and knowledge in order for them to solve problems and help them contribute efforts to bring lasting peace to the country.

Mr. Geu said his organisation is gathering youth to acquire leadership training and encourage them on how to form groups and unite as one people for the development of the nation. “Many youth have convened here today at Women’s Union to get training in leadership, group dynamics and change of behavior,” Geu said.

“We are doing this to encourage them to form groups and exercise their leadership skills while they are still young”, he added, saying, “When they live together, they will be able to share experiences and interact with one another,” Geu explained.

He said in order to achieve meaningful development in the country, there is need to transform the lives of the unprivileged youth by implementing useful socio-economic projects, organizing conferences, workshops and trainings to empower people who are in difficult situations.

He further said the formation of youth groups and organizing conferences for them would help influence others to join their colleagues and denounce violence in their communities.

He emphasized that his organisation will continue to provide trainings to the youth in peace buildingand empower them to eradicate hatred and foster unity amongst communities. He urged the youth to unite and act as agents of peace and help solve problems in their communities.

Ms. Flora Francis Bringi, the Non-Violence and Peace Building Officer at ONAD said, strengthening social and cultural ties amongst youth will help instill a spirit of patriotism, non-violence and democracy in the South Sudanese communities and provide livelihoods through joint and sustainable development.

She said it is a necessity to assist in building responsible leadership with particular emphasis on the young generation to boost the spirit of unity amongst them. Ms. Bringi reiterated that her organisation will continue working hard to support the youth by conducting more training sessions on non-violence and conflict transformation.

The training focuses mainly on the principles of non-violence and its understanding and practice in their communities and nation-wide. Ms. Bringi urged the youth to practice the spirit of nationalism and stick to the principles of nation building.

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