Youth trained to combat hate speech in Kampala

Participants deliberate on impact of hate speech on the community (Photo by Martin Manyiel Wugol)

By Martin Manyiel Wugol 

Over twenty South Sudanese youth in Kampala are undergoing training on combating hate speech on the social media.

The training is being conducted by #Defyhatenow in collaboration with the Centre for Peace and Justice Organization.

The aim of the training was to address the challenges surrounding the online and offline hate speech so as to establish amicable solution in resolving the vices.

Peter Gai Manyuon, Executive Director for African Centre for Transitional Justice (ACT-J) said they have learned a lot about the cycle of socialization, pyramid of hate speech and how to identify and tackle dangerous hate speeches on the social media.

He said South Sudanese in the USA, Australia, Europe and other places also need to be trained on the impact of hate speech on the social media.

Marina Modi, Executive Director of Defyhatenow and facilitator of the training said hate speech, fake news and rumors contribute to disharmony in the society. “This is a silent battle- the war of words and audiovisuals among the common citizens,” she said.

Ms. Modi added that hate speech is disheartening the society and there was need to disarm and liberate society from the grasps of hatred and disbelieve. She said during the process of peace building every citizen has a role to play and they should not leave the politicians to decide on their future.

Suzan Kim Otor, one of the staff of #Defyhatenow said South Sudanese to be mindful of bad cultures and embraced the good ones that can add value to their lifestyle as South Sudanese.

She said hate speech is the major challenge destroying African countries. “The hope for renewing the love and togetherness of people is paramount and to achieve that hate speech must be fought by using a collective approach to rejuvenate the hope amongst South Sudanese,” Ms. Otor said.

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