Youth trained to become peace envoys

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Elected local youth are being trained to become peace ambassadors in their communities.

The three-day training in Juba targets youth from Luri and Rejaf counties of Jubek State. It will empower them with skills and knowledge on how to solve local conflicts and build peace.

“We target young people in their own communities for peace initiative, and we are looking at them to become ambassadors of peace because they can translate what they learn here into peace implementation,” said Wani Michael, the director of Okay Africa Foundation.

He said the aim was to ensure young peace builders play fundamental roles in intercommunity coexistence and development.

Wani said the training will enable the peace committees in their respective areas solve challenges that affect them.

Data Emmanuel Gordon, the organization’s programs coordinator, said the training under a ‘project of grassroots youth imitative dialogue and reconciliation’ will empower youth in advancing community dialogue.

“From now the project targets only 40 youth who are basically in Luri and Rejaf who are ready to be peace ambassadors,” Gordon said.

Patrick Gore Joseph, who represented Rejaf County, said from the training, he learned how to start a dialogue between two communities.

“Mostly we have issues of conflict in different communities like land grabbing whereby sometimes you find two to three people fight because of land. There are a lot of things that make communities fight each other like borders, child abduction and many things,” Gore said.

The training was organized by Okay Africa Foundation, a national Non-Governmental Organization with funds from NRC and EU.


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