Youth trained on self-reliance

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

About 10 youth in Juba have been trained on self-reliance skills.

The training conducted under the theme “Review and Sensitization on Self- reliance for Women” was organized by Madral Development Organization (MDO) in collaboration with Steward Women Organization and other women organizations.

Adia Mariam said the training was meant to brief participants on MDO projects that are ongoing in Juba.

She stated that some of those projects include the car wash project at the UNMISS compound in Tongpiny and the restaurants operating in different parts of Juba.

“The workshop was conducted to brief the beneficiaries about the activities being implemented by the organization,” Mariam said.

After undergoing similar training six month ago, Mariam currently works as the Supervisor for the car wash project at the UNMISS compound in Tongpiny.

She appreciated the Organization’s Board for the opportunity they have rendered to the community and especially to the women’s group and active youths.

Mariam called on women to strive hard to reduce the dependency rate, adding that undermining and overlooking available opportunities in the market was an obstacle to life’s success.

Anthony Sebit Santo, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer said that it was a platform for beneficiaries to express their views on the achievements and challenges they encounter in their ongoing projects.

He said that the projects being implemented have enabled women to pay their children’s tuitions fees and afford basic needs.

Santo urged the organization’s Board to exert and double their efforts in lobbying for more funds in order for them to build the capacity of women and youths across the country.

Richard Matovu, the organizations’ Consultant said that the economic empowerment system being implemented by the organization has managed to develop the livelihoods of women and youth.

“The program has helped a lot of beneficiaries to be self-reliance. In the past years, we conducted training for 80 beneficiaries in various categories; 20 in catering, 20 in hair dressing, 20 in bread making and 20 in tailoring. Out of the 20 beneficiaries in catering, 17 of them are working in various hotels in the country now,” he explained.

Matovu said the women they trained are currently employed in hotels like Notos, Panorama Hotel and many others.

Matovu added that the organization was planning to set up a scholarship program and vocational center to help the needy students with skills in various fields.

“Our criteria for selecting the beneficiaries for our programs is that we go to the grass-root level and liaise with the local authorities, faith based and women organizations on ground,” Matovu said.

He called on South Sudanese to change their attitude of job discrimination. “The most important thing is to earn a living and change your life so that you do not rely on others,” he emphasized.

Matovu urged the South Sudanese to always take advantage of the available empowerment programs and initiatives aimed at helping locals boost livelihood.

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