Youth train on basic communication skills

A local Non-Governmental organization known as Organizing People for Prosperity (OPP) is conducting a two-day training on communication, social media and storytelling.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, the Executive Director of the OPP, Mr. Martin Kwori said the aim of the training was to equip young people with basic communication skills to ensure effective communication within various society, cultural groups and ethnicities.

The youth groups participating in the workshop include Anataban, Youth for Peace and Development, South Sudan Movie Industry as well as Youth for Peaceful Co-existence.

They are expected to effectively manage their respective groups after acquiring the knowledge, according to Kwori.

He said another objective of the OPP was empowering youth for peaceful co-existence.

The Director of Training from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Mario Velvure Gunda hailed the organization for training the youth saying this was the second training he had witnessed so far.

“The first training was on leadership skills and mindset change,” he said.

Mario stressed that the two trainings were very useful because they aimed at equipping and empowering youth in order to write proper reports, meeting minutes and news.

“There are several means of communication such as televisions radios and print and all these are important for one to learn and possess knowledge in them,” he said.

Flavia Lisok Morris, the Information Secretary of Youth for Peaceful Co-existence, said communication is very important in life.

She added that without communication there would be no peaceful co-existence.

According to Morris, the significance of this training was to enable them communicate effectively.

She noted that lack of knowledge on proper use of communication is the great challenge facing several people in the country.

“Communication should be used for love speeches but not for hate speeches. For us to attain peace in our loving country, we need to use the media correctly,” she added.

Ms. Morris urged the citizens to adapt to a “positive way” of communication and appealed the youth to make right full use of the skills they have acquired.

By Scovia Duku

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