Youth told to participate in gov’t

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Authorities of Yei River State have called on the youth to contribute to the state development.

State Minister of Information Mawa Moses said youth from Yei River State were reluctant to work in the government, saying there is no development without their participations.

“One thing we have realized is that young people like to contribute so much to NGOs,” Moses said.

“We are running away from the government and we claim that government is not involving us in many things,” he stressed.

He was addressing the youth during their Pre-National Youth Symposium and the partners in Juba last week.

Moses added that the NGOs cannot accommodate all the youth in the country, questioning who will be there to deliver the services to the communities if they all go for NGOs jobs.

Moses reiterated that the government needs representation and youth participation saying if the youth do not take full charge of their fate, no one can do it for them.

“It is like a girl, when you are a young girl, if you move you need to smile because if you do not smile no man can come to you likewise if you do not smile back to a girl it will be very hard for two of you to come together,”  he said.

He said if the youth do not to want to get involved in government it will be difficult for them to get what they are demanding.

“If they want their demands to be fulfilled then they must have the willingness to participate in government institutions,” Moses said.

“I am telling you I started as a volunteer with the government and today it has led me to what I am,” he explained.

Lokoroto Daniel Arama, Member of Parliament from Yei River State Legislative Assembly said the youth have responsibility over this country.

He said people must work together collectively to develop the productive capacity of youth in order to engage in development.

“We need to engage in the capacity building of the youth and skill development and when we do that, we can effectively succeed in this country,” Arama said.

Poni Victoria Abraham, Advance Youth Radio Programs Manager and Youlead Ambassador said the East African Youth Leadership Summit is the annual regional gathering for young people.

This year’s event will take place in Arusha Tanzania and youth from East African Countries are expected to meet there.

South Sudanese youth and senior professionals have been shunning government institutions due to low pay and poor working conditions emanated from unprecedented economic meltdown.

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