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Youth told to desist from hate Speech


By Moses Gum Degur

The Minister of Information and Communication in Eastern Lakes state said there is need for South Sudan Youth to desist from hate speech and work for the common good of the nation.

Abraham Majak Makur said many young people were involved in hate speech and spreading fake news on the social media.

“Youth should desist from hate speech and spreading of fake news. As leaders of tomorrow, you need to refrain from being engrossed in unfounded lies and fake news,” Minister Majak advised.  “We want to establish a world and society of credibility, a society inspired by logics and must shun hearsay,” he added.

The information minister was addressing youth on disadvantages of hate speech on Sunday in Yirol.

The occasion was organized by Youth for Peace and Development under the theme “defy hate Speech”.

Minister Majak stressed the need for civic education to aware youth on disadvantages of social media.

“We have learnt that most of our youth use social media to abuse other communities, agitate government and insult individuals. This is very unfortunate and should end,” he said.

The minister said most people write on Facebook as a way of exploiting other people’s personalities which he added caused misunderstanding among people.

Majak urged all youth to stop abusing others through Facebook and should prepare to overcome the challenges facing them.

“We are a nation, and a nation depends on youth. They should get education and prepare to overcome challenges ahead for betterment of the future. Let us make good use of social media as a way to pave understanding and not hatred,” he added.



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