Youth told to be non-aggressive

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The speaker of National Transition Legislative Assembly Anthony Lino Makana said youths should practice non-violent and avoid taking the Laws into their hands.

Makana made the remarks while addressing a group of youths at Nyakuron Cultural Center last Saturday during the “Stand up for someone’s rights today” campaign organized by the Human Rights office of the United Nation in South Sudan.

“For South Sudan to develop, it is the young people to do the right things. If you do the right thing we will move forward but if you do not,  then we will not move forward,” Makana said.

“Have dialogue among yourselves when you have problems. Don’t take the laws into your hands. Speak to the elders whenever you have an issue so that it is resolved peacefully,” he added.

The speaker said he was not impressed by the way the youths were handling their problems, citing some of them who fought at among themselves at Nyakuron residential area the previous day.

In his speech during the “Stand up for someone’s rights today”, Makana challenged some youth who like violence, saying violence was not for  human right.

“The Parliament is working hard to ensure that people enjoy living in this country,” he said. “We will not allow any ethnic killing , everyone will be free to travel freely in the country and you must stand up for someone’s rights to move this country forward,” he disclosed.

He called for the protection of the vulnerable people such as those begging on the streets.

One of the students Vero Shantel Wani who was so excited about the event said very few people know their rights.

“Majority of South Sudanese don’t know their rights because most of them are illiterate,” Wani said.  The youth need to be educated about their rights then later they will be able fight for other people’s rights,” Wani said.

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