Youth sports launches campaign against corruption

Rumbek Youth Sports Association

By Mabor Riak Magok

Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) supported by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) launched a campaign against corruption and raised public awareness to strengthen the capacity of the citizens to fight corruption practices in Lakes State.

Rumbek Youth Sports Association RYSA campaigns against corruption using sports tournaments which were targeting a total of (5,000) participants of about 3,000 males and 2,000 females in Rumbek Lakes State.

Abbas MayekMayen, the Executive Director of Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) said that the event was meant to campaign against corruption and raised public awareness to the local youths in the community to fight all forms of corrupt practices in Rumbek, Lakes State.

“To eradicate corruption, it needs our collective efforts to raise awareness to strengthen the capacity of local citizens and particularly the Youth and this needs to be disseminated through tournaments and other events of public gatherings and place in the rallies and churches in the country. It is our role and responsibility as a Youth to launch vigorous fight and campaign against corruption to inform everyone that corruption is a bad culture and it needs eradication,”

Meanwhile, James Maker Agok, one of the participants said that he will carry on a message to the rest of the people who are not aware of it.

He added that the general public was not given any proper awareness on how to fight corrupt practices in Lakes State.

“Now, we are informed about how to carry out a campaign against corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and discriminations in the state,”

He revealed that there are public rallies and gathering like this person need to talk about it so that others who are not well informed about corruption in the community can take a message.

Mary Ajak, said that there is a need to raise this public awareness on the fight against corruption and gender equality in Lakes State.

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