Youth should understand love

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There is a new phenomenon between youth on the matter of love in Juba. I heard three cases recently in Juba between girls and boyfriends. The first case was that a girl killed her boyfriend due to the matter of love. What was that issue; it was not clear but as human being you should understand the common misunderstanding between two lovers. The second story was that the brother of the girl went to the house of the boy, to defend his sister who was beaten by the boyfriend; at the end he was killed. In this story, the way it was narrated to me was that, the girl heard her boyfriend was with a certain girl. She went in the house of the boy, and found the information was true. She was arguing with the boy as a result the boy beat her. She went and narrated the issue to the brother; both of them came to the house of the boy. At the end the brother of the girl was beaten dead.

The third story was that the girl has a boyfriend, they reached to the stage and were preparing to come together or the boyfriend was preparing to meet the parents of the girl. Unfortunately, a certain lady came to the boy as a wife and she was pregnant. The lady who was preparing to get married with the boy was unhappy. She went to the house of the boy and was quarrelling insulting the lady and the boy.

She has wasted her time in love with the boy at the end she didn’t achieve the goal.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, the above mentioned stories were true and had happened among youth. However, relationship between a girl and a boy was there long time ago. Even it is there in the Bible when God created the Universe. He saw that the environment was not suitable then He created Eve to be the wife of Adam. During that time, it was not like our situation now where there are many girls and boys you that choose as you want.

Youth are supposed to understand the meaning of love and behave in good manner. You cannot kill a person because he didn’t fulfill your promises and agreement in the process of engagement. If you love him as you love yourself, you cannot decide to kill him.

Killing is a crime; it is no longer love among you.  When you are in engagement, the love was between two of you. When you kill your friend, it becomes a police case and will involve your family, relatives and friends. You have already put them in problems.

Therefore, if such situation happens to you, don’t kill, separate in good manner, one day you will meet and remember the good time you had. Remember that you were not responsible to take the life of any human being; it is only God because He is the one who created us in His image. Fear God and remember the Ten Commandments of God, one of them “don’t’ kill.”

Youth have to think positive in their life and understand the true love of God to guide them in choosing partner. 

May God bless us all.

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