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Youth should plan well for their future

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It is an opportunity for me to talk to my fellow brothers and sisters some of them may be in my age or below. There is no problem with age the most important is how are they handling themselves and planning for their future. On 25th of this month in Kator area, there was a group of youth about ten of them; they were in the same age. They tried to attack some youth on the road without any communication from them. 

They had started insulting the other youth and run after them intending to fight. At the end the smaller group ran for fear of being harmed. It was not the right manner of attacking people on the street. Such group of people are many in Juba. They have harmed many people on the streets.

I don’t want to give their name, but they are many doing a lot of crimes in the areas. We have unknown gunmen, they are criminals. They have no correct names to be called with, the same with the group of youth. I wish they will come out of doing bad activities that spoils the name of youth.Let them think on positive things that promote their work and make progress in the country.

For the reason that they are the future of this country, Let their time not be counted in the group of failed generation.  They need to be organized and shown good way of living. I don’t know whether they are educated or not. Maybe several of them could be educated because their parents are educated and they have good families.

However, the collective responsibility starts from the families and it would continue to the level of the community. There is nothing impossible if efforts were put to correct them. They are South Sudanese by birth and nationals based on their parents. I believe one day the youth will improve and would contribute to the development of this country.

May God bless us all.

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