Youth should be peace actors says UN Envoy

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The United Nations Youth Envoy to South Sudan Ms. Jayathma Wickramanayake said her mission to South Sudan was to encourage youth to participate in the process of working for peace in the country.

Speaking during the launche of peace building fund project, Ms. Jayathma said government should create an opportunity for youth to participate in the development of the country.

“In the context of South Sudan, I am really asking the government to create more opportunities for them to contribute to peace and development in their country,”Jayathma said.

She said her objective was to focus on youth activities so that they could contribute to peace saying they should be positive actors for peace instead of violence.

“My focus is mainly on young people’s engagement in the peace processes to be positive actors to peace than being negative narrative of conflict. Youth must be empowered to be positive actors to bear books and not arms,” she echoed.

The Youth Envoy further added that her second agenda would be to focus on the empowerment of young women and girls.

“Secondly, I will be focusing a lot on empowerment of young women and girls and realizing their potential in the community and national level,” she said.

The Minister of Labour and Human Resource Development James Hoc Yai said Youth are considered as the main pillars of any existing system.

Minister Hoc said the government was working to enact into law the youth policy which is still lying in the parliament.

“We have agreed to bring the youth policy which is still in the parliament, so that the United Nations Special Envoy for Youth helps us,” he said.

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