There was a report in this newspaper front page of 16 youth being arrested in discos in Yambio. This report might have not been seen by the news-makers and readers as of any significance. But to us and the society we serve, it was very important and telling. The Mayor of Yambio Singira Robert Daniel revealed that the youth who were indulging in the activities had been punished and promised to put a stop to this kind of indulgents. What might have prompted the Mayor to take such action is what people may wonder about. One, we have a society and this society has to be of disciplined characters now and for the future well-being of the entire country. To have such kind of soberness and understanding, it all starts from the parents before education in schools takes over. It should be in the mind of all of us as to what kind of generation we want to leave behind to take over the affairs of our country. It is said that charity begins at home; therefore other leaders should be in the forefront of ensuring this is done in their own back-yards before being taken to other level of societies. There are so many things going and coming with un-necessary freedom and considering the current situation of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, there must be care among the youth in whatever they do. It is true that some parents and guardians are behind encouraging their own children to get involved in these activities because they have money or resources. This is short-lived because without leaving behind a stable and strong background in the name of the children, all you might have toiled for would go to nothing. Leaders among them the Mayor of Yambio should be encouraged to instill discipline in the youth in their area of jurisdiction without fear or favor. This is how we can be able to bring up a reasonable and mindful society.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


The National Dialogue is the only model for peace in the country and any other process which is being undertaken by any other group that should fall under its domain or umbrella. SaTP was getting worked up because he had read in the media that “peace process, new mechanisms developed”. He wanted someone to explain to him the word new and the word mechanism in this new context. He was aware and a darling of the national dialogue which had captured the attention of almost the entire country and was in the process of yielding fruits to the common-man. He wanted to know whether these new terminologies were being articulated by a new group or they were equally in the armpit of the process initiated and blessed by the President. He did not mind how many people were out there advocating and articulating the peace process in different set-up or units. But all we were appealing for was that they should not mushroom to the extent that they would start confusing the grass-root and divert attention from this noble cause which has been at the centre of everyone as the only hope for peace process. We told our be-spectacle friend that the yearning for peace had been in sound demand, the reason(s) as to why all and everyone wanted to contribute even if it was only a fraction of an eighth. Going by the multitude of the suffering each and every political and societal arrangements and organs wanted to contribute something positive to the success. It was a national calling that needs to heal the wound of the past and present but aimed in giving permanent hope for the future. It is the future that matters as yesterday will always remain a reference in history to be remembered. This is the walk in which all of us must walk and talk. The National Dialogue must remain a reality of peace and unity.  It is the need and priority of the entire country to embrace peace for better development and for the benefit of our children who are the future of this country. A nation must move positively forward with or without ups and down. This one here is not exclusive. Almost every country has its own down-cast but must stand up to move to greater height. This is how we see it and this is how SaPT see it. Therefore it has to be just this take to our next destination of national development.


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