Youth should avoid hate speech and abuse

Dr. Chol Deng Thon- the Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Cooperation during Artistry celebration on Sunday at New Sudan Palace Hotel (photo by Koch Nhial Nhial)

By  Koch Nhial Nhial.

The managing Director of Nile Petroleum Cooperation Dr. Chol Deng Thon urged youth to avoid hate speech and abuse on the institutional post holders and people working in the public institutions.

He was speaking at the occasion organized to honor Chol Anei Ayii the National Artist who won many awards including the National coat of arms and Ramciel city logo.

The occasion held at Juba Palace was organized by Tonj State Students at the University of Juba on Sunday.

Dr. Chol said hate speech will not take youth forward because it creates defamation and bad look at the people who are abused and even on the social media and other platforms where people gather and speak out on unverified rumors to the people.

“Youth should work together with the government as a team in order to go forward to allow progress and promote development in the country,” Dr. Chol said.

Dr. Chol appealed to the youth to prioritize working with private sector than working with government because the private sector creates independence to employees in building their capacities and improving working standards.

“Capacity building is the priority of the Nile petroleum cooperation now more than ten engineers are currently in the training at the united Arab emirate and after their training other engineers will go for the same training,” Dr. Chol said.

He said Nile petroleum cooperation is committed on constructing road going to greater Bahr el Ghazal states through unity state in order to allow the smooth running of oil operations in unity oil field.

Guet Majok Ajou, a Law student at the University of Juba, said youth have the right to take on issues that are of the public concern if they know that the government officials are doing unnecessary roles that are against the law and interest of the public, head of the institutions should not complain if they are doing the right things.

“There is difference between office and personal abuse if the office is abused its normal because it encourages check and balance which is meant to evaluate the performance of the public officials but individual abuse is not acceptable and that may lead to the court,” he said.

Guet urged the government officials to differentiate things concerning personalities and office issues, evaluate, analyse and take decisions based on good analysis which results into correct decisions.

Guet appeals to the government head of institutions to put more efforts in supervising their employees evaluate their performance reports and collect public opinions by placing opinions boxes in their offices, office web sides and social media accounts in order to determine the progress in the government institutions.

He urged the youth to differentiate being educated and how to get jobs, because these are different things and therefore youth should be patience in getting jobs and do other courses on the process of searching for jobs.

Majok encouraged good governance with policy implementations, provide free and fair employment processes to the citizens where jobs are advertised officially and people compete for opportunities without favoring other people.

“Government heads of institutions should be more aware of laws and system of governance especially in service delivery, and promote equality in government institutions, be accountable for their tasks allocated to them,” Guet said.

Achuil Akoch Magardit, former Minister of Finance in the former Warrap state said, lack of jobs and other opportunities to the youth is contributing to hate speech and the insecurity in the country because intellectual criminals are more dangerous than uneducated ones.

Achuil said the country needs great decision in order to return to its normal stage which should come out from great leaders to relieve people out from these situations.

“Government should provide job opportunities to the citizens in order to rescue the people and improve the cost of leaving,” Achuil said.





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