Youth resignation sends a chilling warning to other parties

Odongo Odoyo

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The recent resignation of youth members from the People Liberal Party might not have caught the attention of many people and may not be noticed right now but it is setting a trend that finally youth voices must be heard because their time has come. This audacious attempt by these young men to ditch their party is a chilling reminder that time has dramatically changed. That those who were once used for political mileage to protect their ethnic and tribal kingpin have woken up from the slumber to send a stark warning that enough of Machiavellian parties dictatorship from the old guards.

I want to state categorically that I don’t have any relationship with these guys but I am really moved by their daring attempt to distance themselves from one these too many parties which have no in-build capacity to promote youth of this nation. Parties who live only during power sharing or call it position sharing arrangements but will normally die naturally after the formation of the government.

I am not denying the narrative that these young men fell out with the party after they were defeated and eliminated in a fair, open and leveled playing-field competition. But there are deep-rooted issues with political parties in Africa. Youth are useful only when the interest of the leader is threatened and when it comes to catering for the needs or political positions, they are told to wait for their time because of they are not mature to take the political mantle. The issues of youth have been neglected for a very long time by these crooked political brokers who usually spin around matters that are pertinence to youth progress and development time must always come for everything.  

The message here is that youth have sensed these unscrupulous dealings of these medieval politicians whose only target is to quench insatiable hunger of political manipulator. I have had a casual discussion with some of the politicians in this country who say “now are trying to heal our wounds we incurred during the struggle of the liberation and those who come after us will be tasked to develop the country for future generations.”  I could just stare at them in utter shock and disbelieve. Ironically these people, to whom we entrust our future, have no agenda for the development and progress of the country. These are the same people who leading political parties.

Parties that do not have manifesto or agenda for empower youth, build their capacities and give opportunity to the young ones to lead.

There is no better time than now to break away from these slow-motion dying parties which promote cronyism and aim for a party that reflects national character, a party embrace new blood and  a party founded on the unwavering commitment to build a vibrant institutions for women, men and youth.    

A future of any great society always lies in how it manages its young ones, makes good use of the potentials they possess and turns them into valuable human resource in a timely fashion. The more we wait for the right times, that right time cannot wait for us and in fact, it will fly past everybody. Youth patience is running out fast and furious. Your parties will be left without youth sooner rather than later. Style up and act quickly otherwise, you will be on your own in your own party.

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