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Youth pledge to supportnational dialogue

(From left to right) Dr. Albino Bol, DengBolAruai (centre) and Abraham Awolich.

By SasukTaban

South Sudanese youth leaders in the country and those in the diaspora have vowed to support the President Kiir’scall for a national dialogue and said that the initiative is vital for restoring peace and stability in the country.

The South Sudan National Youths Union Chairman, Dr. Albino BolDhieu said the conference is an eye opener and quite beneficial on how South Sudanese youths could actively participate in peace building and reconciliation in the country in light with the national dialogue initiated by President SalvaKiir.

He made the statement upon arrival at Juba International Airport on Wednesday afterattendinga two day South Sudanese Young Leaders’ Forum in Nairobi, Kenya,

Dr. Albino said the three member delegation that include himself, Abraham Awolicha Director of Sudd Institute and the Red Army Foundation Chairman Deng BolAruaiwere able to meet South Sudanese youth leaders from across the worldat the forum that was organized by the International Growth Center.

He said the youth have unanimouslyresolved to support the South Sudan government and the citizens in their efforts to restore peace and stability in the country.

“We made our views as youthsof South Sudan that the only corridor to address grievances in the country is through national dialogue.National dialogue is animportant forum in which South Sudanese youths can reconcile among themselves,” Dr. Albino said.

He added that during the forum the South Sudanese youth leaders met the US Ambassador to South Sudan, Catherine Molly Phee who advised them on how best they could participate in building their nation.

Dr. Albino urged South Sudanese youths to stop propaganda such as hate

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