The inter-communal killings or fight must be stopped once and for all. It is a primitive way of solving issues among groups or different communities. The fight which occurred in Khorwilliang in the outskirt of Juba is this kind of attitude which must be erased and not allowed to plague the minds of the youth in the country. Time has come for people to understand to live together without hatred and revenge action against one another. The other time it was in Shirkat and another one was in POCs. The police cannot be expected to be everywhere to quell these own self-inflicted animosities which can be easily resolved by gentlemen’s talks without resorting to other means. While the security organs are required to protect each and every one, there should be some segments of people maintaining their security by themselves to make the work of the protectors easy and manageable. After all your security should start by you. What cannot be condoned in any situation is this behavior of self-destruction by own-self in the name of defending your group or people. There cannot be two ways of pleasing others. One cannot claim to be a peace player and a war-monger at the same time. These are the kind of people the police should nab and take appropriate actions against. They are people who are cheat and do not live for others. Instead they create problems almost everywhere. Thuggery cannot be allowed to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in which the majority cherish. Those who are still thinking that they can get their ways by using groups or members of their communities should think twice and should know that they are destroying the future of the country by engaging in unwarranted revenge actions.

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