Youth leadership training kicks off in Juba

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Okay Africa Foundation Organization has launched three days workshop to enhance the awareness and knowledge of youth leaders.

The training was organized to help the youth on management in the decision making process and structure leadership, governance and United Nation Resolution 2250 on youth engagement on peace building and conflict prevention begun in Juba under the theme “Bring Hope and Changing Future

Speaking to Press yesterday, the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu said that this peace agreement has given an opportunity to the youth to present their needs and participations for the upcoming governance at all levels.

“As you know the SPLM party has given 20 percent to the youth but we still need more to participate in all levels of governance. The national youth policy that will govern the loans as well as the issue of enterprises for young people,” Bol said.

He added that his Ministry is now planning to have the first national Olympic stadium in the country as the beginning but we are hoping to have more before we have a parliamentary bill that will govern sports itself in the country.

“All this activities are priority to the ministry but the participation of the young people in political life and social life is very important and only way to take to stop issues of tribalism and hate speech among themselves,” Bol stressed.

He revealed  that the president promise the young people program that will engage them in positive direction whether micro-financial program as we heard that the agreement will give loan to young people.

Wani Michael, Executive Director for Okay Africa Foundation said the three days’ workshop will be good for them to interact with young people.

“We believe Okay Africa will empower young people as our work will be entailing young people, 90 percent of our workers in this organization are young people and that is why we work with other youth organizations to ensure that the voices of the youth are hard,” Michael said.

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