Youth leader appeals for creation of youth centres

By Morris Dogga

A youth leader in Pochalla County of Boma state has called on the government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to open up youth centers and vocational training schools for the youth in greater Pochalla.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor in Pochalla last week, Onywagi Ogut Opiew, the Chairperson of Pochalla North youth said most of the youth in the County are idle, making them vulnerable to influences by politicians to fight.

He said if there are sports centres where the youths can gather for recreational activities, they will be united and have no time for the politicians.

“It will keep the youths away from the local politics that they are involved in. It will make the youth very busy with other activities other than fighting amongst themselves because they will have no time to listen to their politicians,” he said.

He said the recent fighting among the communities was scaled up by most of the unemployed youths.

“Youths are facing many things; they are just staying with no work to do. There are no vocational training schools, and sports centres where the youths can come and refresh together,” he said. “If the government and the NGOs can do that to the youths, then the youths cannot stay idle and get involved in fighting.”

He said the fact that the government is the primary service provider to the people; it should call the NGOs to move to all the parts of South Sudan to assist the people in need.

Currently there are about five non-governmental organizations operating in greater Pochalla County of Boma State.

He further called on the politicians to stay away from the youth. “Let them not influence the youths. Instead of them advising the youth to do good things, they are giving them bad advice,” he said.

Opiew also cautioned the youth not to agree to negative things some of the politicians are doing.

Following the signing of the peace agreement among the Anyuak communities, Finn Church Aid organized a football match to accompany the peace agreement where youth from Pochalla North played youth from the South.

Stephen Drichi, the Project Officer of Peace Building Finn Church Aid, said plans are under way to establish a sports center in Pochalla to help bring the youth together.

“We are still going to engage them on sports activity, next year we shall organize Inter- County peace tournament that will bring the youth together to forget their differences,” he said.

He said he believes sports can promote peace and engage youth together.

The Commissioner of Pochalla County, Jay Adingora Olual applauded Finn Church Aid for organizing the match, saying it will build confidence among the youth who have been warring.

Olual said the County authorities will continue to promote peace through sports, dancing and many other ways.

He said for the last two years the people of greater Pochalla have not been able to come together because they have been fighting among themselves.

“This is one of the best opportunities that we have had for the last two years because youth have not been able to come together,” he said.

He encouraged the youths in Pochalla and in the whole country to embrace peace.

“We want peace to prevail in the country, especially from the grassroots levels, and the youth should spearhead the process of reconciliation,” Olual added.

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