Youth launches project to fight Gender Based Violence

By Elia Joseph Loful    

People’s Aid South Sudan (PASS) a youth led organization has launched a project intended to raise awareness and fight gender based violence (GBV) in the communities.

The meeting which aimed at raising advocacy on GBV received support from Women Deliver (WD) was attended by stakeholders and representatives from ministry of Gender, Child and social welfare,  culture, Youth and Sports on Thursday in Juba.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on behalf of the executive director, Rembe Seme project officer said it was a high time for the youth to come out of their ignorance in order to wage war against perpetrators who commit violence against gender.

Seme added that youth should contribute towards the development of the country saying the future of nation lies on them.

“We need to be productive in order for the country to grow because the future for country lies with us. And it high time for us to report cases of gender based violence and we musts end gender based violence now,”Seme said.

He said there are some cultural practices that mistreat the right of an individual.

“Let’s try to leave out some cultural norms that tends to mistreat one another and we need to come out of darkness,” he said.

Seme said the project was going to run for a period of six months so as to achieve the goals they have laid down.

He said it was time for youth to come out and carryout a campaign and advocate for gender based violence.

“We advocate for gender based violence the cases have become rampant in the country. So we lack concrete data on report that indicate the level of gender based violence in the country,” Seme explained.

He mentioned that the organization still faces were issues of logistical constrains to extend the activities to other part of the country.

“Currently the organization is facing logistical support to take the project up to other part of the country,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, Betty Eluzai Lejukole senior inspector said gender based violence needed to be addressed since it has become a serious human right issues in the country.

The case of gender based violence is rampant in South Sudan; it has become a serious health and human right issue. For us to address this issue it requires the participation and all the partners working in the field of gender based violence,” Betty said.

She said the ministry of Gender Child and Social Welfare has issued out several policies to address cases of gender based violence across the country.

Betty said there were numbers of referrals centers for helping victims of GBV.

However, the trained police personnel were not enough to handle huge cases arising in communities.

She stated that some perpetrators sometimes are released without trial making the survivors not to show up their problems whenever they are attacked.

“The challenge sometimes is that the trained police are transferred to other locations. Secondly, another issue is the relatives to the perpetrators do go to prison and bail them out and this make the survivors to feel reluctant to report their issues,” Betty revealed.

Last year media report showed that more than 125 women and girls were raped, beaten, and robbed in the town of Bentiu in the month of November; and working agencies said “Tackling violence against women and girls is critical to achieving sustainable peace in South Sudan, and as women’s political participation.”

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