Youth launch Bio fuel product

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

A group of South Sudanese youth under the umbrella Guned Enterprise Limited launched a bio fuel product.

According to Mosses Dau, the Managing Director of the team said their project is meant to keep the environment safe.

Dau revealed that his team aims at transforming all the waste in the country into clean energy.

“There are tons of waste across the country, chocking our water system and making our land infertile, we are changing those waste into clean energy that we can use for cooking and light,” said Dau.

With simple handmade machine, Dau said they have been able to turn waste into energy blocks.

Dau explained that the charcoal blocks are essential for home use, office and the hospitality industry in the country and very safe for human health.

Dau added that the world was going green in order to save the environment and such inventions were necessary.

 “Less trees will be cut for charcoal and firewood use.”

Bullent East Celik, a Turkish businessman in Juba vowed to support the clean energy imitative by buying from Guned Enterprise.

“I love what Guned Enterprise is doing, keep it up the sky is the limit and for any assistance in terms of marketing ideas and I vow to buy from you for the next three months,” said Bullent.

Bullent further explained that having been in Juba for a long time, he loves to see young people’s dreams come true.

South Sudan has plenty of waste wondering the streets and when it rains, the wastes are washed to the Nile but Dau and his team hope to make good use of the waste.

Clean energy is the trend majority countries in the world are embracing in order to save the environment and play positive role towards global warming.

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