Youth in Lakes State call communities to reconcile

By Mabor Riak Magok

The youth under the Organization for Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) have called on communities in Lakes State to reconcile and coexist together.

 In an interview with Juba Monitor on Saturday, the Executive Director of Rumbek Youth Sports Association Abbas Mayek Mayen said the organization is working hard to promote youth peaceful coexistence and reconciliation in the State.

“We have held number of Peace meetings with youth from neighboring states and local community Youth in Yirol, Wulu and Rumbek,” said Mayen.

Mayek said the current inter-communal hostilities between communities had caused a lot of restrictions on freedom of movement to people who are making businesses with neighboring states due to continue roads ambushes, cattle raiding, revenge killing and raping of women.

Mayek urges the local community armed Youth to stop using inter-communal hostilities to loot properties of innocent civilian in the State.

“We have realized that this communal conflicts is being used by the armed Youth to get rid of the civilian that have not armed themselves. It appears that armed Youth are also killing and rapping women as the results of this communal feuds more specifically in Lakes state,’’ said  Mayek.

He said his organization with support from Norwegian people’s Aid (NPA) will plan more peace and reconciliation activities through national and local community radio talk show and sporting for peace and reconciliations.

He said the organization target youth to ensure that intellectuals Youth, politicians and traditional chiefs of the community have dialogue regarding reconciliation in different companies.

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