Youth have power

By Akol Arop Akol

Youth are the pillars of any country not when they hold guns to kill people but when they use their brains and hands to do what brings progress into their lives and that of the community.

When given a chance to use their abilities, they will be able to build up a country by doing innovation, promoting peace, doing sports and other recreational activities. In South Sudan, people about the youth age range have put themselves first, with a misguided thinking that the youth are not important in the national affairs, especially the political aspect.

The youth have been denied the rights to speak out, work or lead. The few who had the privilege to participate in the political affairs either have a friend, relative, or an in-law in the government.

The truth is that young people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to take strong actions that influence and uplift the communities.

When young people are given opportunities, they can work and earn a living on their own; this can reduce the issues of crimes such as robbery and killing.

Youth have creativity and unique power but due to deprivation and isolation from public affairs, they find it hard to get involved.

But despite all the humpy roads, the youth of South Sudan are proving it to the world that they have something they are capable of. We have heard and seen our models, artists, sport players and athletes being crowned the best in different champion competitions. Those are our storytellers who will change the narrative of the country.

Their works are contributing to the nation building.  They are so optimistic and visionary that their hard work can make a prosperous South Sudan. Having the biggest percentage constituting the civil population, they are able to do a bigger work.

We should know that youth are powerful, creative and capable to be leaders, there is no reason to deny the youth because at the same time they are the voters who choose their right leaders. This means there is no way they should be neglected in any activity.

South Sudan must make sure that young people are given their rights and are reminded of their roles in the country. They must be trained and equipped with different life skills. By empowering them, the youth will have different ways of making fellow young people inspired to stand up for change.

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