Youth group establishes over 2,000 seedlings

By Martha David

Youth Consortium Organization for local interventions has established tree nursery bed that houses 2,400 seedlings.

Nyamanch Hoth Mai, the Chairperson of youth Consortium Organization for local intervention said the forest in South Sudan was getting lost through deforestation without replacement.

She said by next year in June the 2,400 seedlings would have grown into a mature trees, as their aim is to join the global effort in reforestation.

Ms. Nyamach added that they had already established some seedbeds, “What we have done today is establishing tree nursery seed beds, we are going to plant the trees and follow them.”

“Once these trees have geminated to the seedlings, we are going to give to the communities, we will go from door to door and institutions and tell you to plant these five trees at your compound,” she explained.

She reiterated that South Sudan’s forests were getting finished especially the teak and mahogany species as they have been commercialized without replacing them.

 “There is a policy of cutting one tree and plant five but people are not implementing it. If we don’t take care of our environment we will perish tomorrow,” Nyamach stressed.        

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