Youth group embarks on coronavirus campaign in Bentiu

By Wek Atak Kacjang

A youth group has embarked on the coronavirus awareness in Bentiu town in order to sensitize communities on the pandemic.

This is the first time residents were championing COVID-19 awareness in Bentiu town and other localities in the area including Protection of Civilians Site (POCs) beside other awareness from the agencies.

Recently, Bentiu started experiencing a trend of unknown illness, which has killed number of people in the area.

But in an effort to assist the residents, Action for Conflict Resolution (ACR) with a support from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is championing the campaign for locals to access the information on coronavirus preventive measures.

Peter Gatkuoth, the Project officer for Action for Conflict Resolution said they were reaching out to over 10,000 households.

“It is a COVID-19 campaign and in the campaign, we are reaching out to over 10, 000 locals in Bentiu town and the PoCs with the COVID-19 messages, the precautionary messages of COVID-19,” he explained.

He said the measures were geared toward people protecting themselves from contracting the virus.

“Coverage from Bentiu town is very low and this is the first ever awareness. It is a one month campaign on the ground.”

Marko Nyuon Kong, a beneficiary in Bentiu said the residents were overwhelmed by coronavirus fast circulating information.

But said they were now relieved when the youth group started awareness on the pandemic.

“This is because we have started to know how we can prevent ourselves and our families from the pandemic,” he said. 

He said lack of testing equipment in Bentiu is a challenge to the residents.  

“There are no testing machines and sometimes when you are tested your sample is taken to Juba, it takes more than one week for you to get back the result, when the results are brought back, it either gets you when you are dead or already recovered.”

Nyuon, urged the national Ministry of Health to take testing kits to the States so that it assists in supporting voluntarily testing.

Gong Bol Teny, said they have now learned preventive measures given to them especially washing hands and avoiding of close contacts such as hand shake.

He said they were now applying the measures at different level of the family. Bentiu so far has reported 4 coronavirus cases at the Protection of Civilians Site, according to the National Ministry of Health on Sunday.   

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