Youth group conduct debate for peace in Nimule

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least five primary schools in Nimule town of Eastern Equatoria state are participating in a debate for peace competition meant to promote peaceful coexistence among the students.

The debating competition was organized by a locally owned youth initiative-Keep Youth Active (KYA) would see the winner walking away with a peace of trophy.

Thon David Thiong, the Managing Director of the initiative believes that it was indispensable to engage school Children in working for peace despite challenges.

He said the postulation of talents was critical for students to gear toward peaceful coexistence if they were sensitized.

“We are doing it for peace to prevail among the locals. This is because we believe that the South Sudanese could only work for betterment of their people in mitigating differences,” he stated.

Thiong said it was everyone’s responsibility in South Sudan to work for peace as a way to champion the revitalized peace accord.

“As KYA, we want to boost these talents so that South Sudanese can showcase their skills for peace. Young people have talents that need to be promoted so that they meet their forecasted goals,” Thiong stressed.  

He said that the winning schools will be awarded with peace prizes as appreciation tokens.

Ajang Riak Jibol, the Field Manager of the program stated that sensitizing the growing generation was instrumental to nation building.

“By educating them on the importance of peace, they would be able to grow up with the mindset of unity and peaceful coexistence,” he said.

He said that the debating skills will give them perfectionism of engaging with stakeholders to promote peace agenda.

Jibol revealed that the plan of their organization was to conduct cultural festival involving all the communities of South Sudan in Nimule after the debating competition.

“We will organize South Sudan cultural festival after the debating competition. And so it will bring the different tribes in Nimule together. So it would be an opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their culture as another way of enhancing peace among the people,” he said.

According Jibol, they would continue to embark on peace programs though since they are determining to work for the welfare of the locals across the country despite absence of funding.

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