Youth group calls for women’s rights respect

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Youth advocacy group is calling for respect of women’s rights in the socieities as opposed to gender violations being reported in the country.

The civil society group said they have been alarmed by constant women’s rights violations which had persisted during the coronavirus period. These include rape and abuses in the households.

The group said it was high time for government to design policies that protect and guard the vulnerable population from such abuses in the country.  

In an attempt to construct gender based violence free society, Okay Africa Foundation (OAF) through funding from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) conducted a Basic Human Rights and Gender Equality campaign aimed at engaging youth on Decision Making Process through Legislation Reforms.

To them, the government has what it takes to unravel the mystery behind some of the deadly gender based violations witnessed in the Country as whole that have ravaged and broken the society fabric.

Thon James, the Program Officer at Okay Africa Foundation (OAF) said such gender gaps were supposed to be eradicated given the emerging issues in the socieities.

“There is need to protect women from the ongoing violations. There are men who do not respect women’s rights, so this issue shouldn’t be tolerated. We created this campaign to let the community know that we have the responsibility to protect women and other vulnerable people, being males and females during the lockdown of COVID-19,” he narrated.

Mr. James encouraged the government to champion protection and guidance measures for vulnerable people so that the rights’ violations issues are curbed.  

“One could not believe them. And they have been appalling. These include hear rape cases, women beating and so forth,” he said.

Other part of the campaign was also championed via Radio talk shows to reach out the bigger population and enable citizens to demand their constitutional rights during the coronavirus period.

James said the attempt would give full obligation to citizens to advocate to the government for essential contracts necessary for their well being.

In the recent days, emerging reports of school going girls getting pregnant in their houses while on lockdown have been reported.

The advocate said such moves were against the Basic Human Rights as the constitution required.

According to James, there should be a need for community to respect the school girls and be provided with basic needs they deserved during the coronavirus.

James Taban, a resident of Juba City said locals were frustrated on why government does not provide policies when there are rights concerns.

“It is really sad to see government not intervening when there are rights violations. Protection should be a key priority,” he said.

“We also want the government to protect the school girls during the lockdown. The fulfillment of basic health rights for each citizen must be granted,” Taban added.  

The campaign covered the Basic Human Rights that include the Rights to live, the rights to basic needs, the rights to health, the rights to access other life necessities at the personal perspective.

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