Youth embarks on coronavirus campaign in Joppa area

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The youth group has embarked on the coronavirus awareness in Joppa area in order to sensitize communities on the pandemic.

This is the second time a local community and youth are campaigning of the COVID-19 awareness in Joppa area and other localities in the town of Juba.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Executive Director for Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization (CISPO) Francis Woja Wani said that they were reaching out to over 2,000 households.

“It is a COVID-19 campaign and in this campaigns, we are reaching out to over 2,000 local communities in Joppa and other areas across Juba because the cautionary message of COVID-19 coverage in Joppa area is very low and this is the second ever awareness. It is two months campaign on the ground since the beginning of COVID-19,” Woja explained.

He added that the organization will not take the project to the community but they will be involved in order to explain clearly the use of facemasks, and washing hands with soap and how to sanitizes, because the measures were made for people to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

Josephine Alfred Wani, a beneficiary in Joppa area said the residents were overwhelmed by coronavirus fast circulating information.

She said that they are now relieved when the youth group started awareness on the pandemic.

Simon Duku John, said they have learned a lot of the preventive measures given to them especially washing hands and avoiding of close contacts.

He revealed that they are now applying the measures at different level of the family.

In an effort to assist the locals, the non-governmental organization known as Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization (CISPO) is championing the campaign for locals to access the information on coronavirus preventive measures.

This is the continuation of last month awareness the organization conducted in Luri County, Central Equatoria State.

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