Youth elect new president

By: Sheila Ponnie

The South Sudan Youth Union Convention has elected a new president yesterday in Juba at the freedom hall.

The convention that comprises of 186 delegates from various youth constitutions include five (5) delegates from each of the 32 states together with Abyei and 5 delegates from diaspora  and other five from the youth with disability.

However, 6 candidates had applied and 5 withdrew their candidature.

Gola Boyoi Gola the newly elected youth union president urged the Ministry of culture Youth and sports to make sure that the national youth union have an office.

“The youth of this country have a lot of challenges, we would like you to put in consideration that the national youth union up to now have no budget and we also address the problems youth have in the country, one of it is the issue of poverty and the issue of unemployment.”

Gola added that there is need for the youth policy to be passed in the parliament.

And I am going to make sure that his office will work together with the ministry in order to make sure that youth projects are implemented.

He also urged the youth to work together with him during his time.

The chairperson for electoral committee South Sudan Bak Athian said despite all the confusions, the election went well.

I was really very worried, weather we were going to implement the theme of the convention” let us coexist peacefully for better future, but the atmosphere that I saw today inside this hall really showed that you are responsible people,” he said.

However, some of the candidates were asked to step down against their will while others stepped down willingly.

Baromy Mark says a group of people who she could not mention their names for the sake of her party and respect.

“I was asked to step down for this big person because he is our leader so I had to step down, but I wanted to continue but the whole thing is like a dreamer my stepping down is not what I wanted,” she said.

Mark added that she is sorry for letting down the women especially the youth.

Motwakil Awol Mamour is one of the candidates from Northern upper Nile state who stepped down willingly.

“I stepped down because I wanted to give chance to minority. I also wanted to give other people to lead,” Mamour said.

Beng Comboro, a delegate from Latjor State says the process started well but along the process there were some issues that he thought should have been addressed.

“Some delegates have been intimidated that they removed their names from the list,”Camboro said.

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