Youth demands participation in gov’t sector

Lodu William Odiya

Youth in the country were demanding for inclusivity in positions within the government sector in order to allow them promote their activities in the national assembly and also to resolve their problem of unemployment.

Speaking to juba Monitor on Thursday, a Member of the South Sudan national legislative assembly, David Didao, said that there were numbers of documentations showing high level of unemployment yet there were great numbers of youth who were educated in the country

“This is simply because issues to deal with favoritism, nepotism and tribalism, Putting the wrong person in the wrong place, even sending old people for capacity building, old People are being sent out for capacity building instead of sending young graduates. People whose capacity are supposed to be build are young men or someone who is holding a position of service delivery,

“In most cases people who go out for training are the old men and women who have actually worked in the public service for more than thirty years, how would you build the capacity of such persons who are about to go for retirements,”he added.

He revealed that there were no serious reforms in the inclusions of youth in all responsible positions in the government sector.

“We only see that the youth seems to be given the opportunity for the army and army means war, war means death for the youth. There is need for serious transformation in the country, that is why we the youth in south sudan are thinking that it is time for change and time to make things right and it is time to reorganize our house as a country in order to move forward,” he said.

James Kuol Deng, a member of parliament said that the youth were unemployed because many companies and the investors gave the job opportunities to the foreigners.

“I have only seen this thing happening in south Sudan whereby foreigners are allowed to sell their commodities by the road side, whichwas supposed to be the work of citizens and the youth. Investors are allowed in the country to create jobs for the youth of this country”, he said.

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