Youth demands inclusion in decision making

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Youth at different capacities are asking the government to prioritize inclusion and participation of young people in decision making processes for them to support nation building.

According to the 2018 revitalized peace pact, youth are supposed to be part and parcel of the governance as evidenced by creation of youth cluster.

As a result, the Ministry of Youth and Sports was allocated to young a person during the formation of Unity Government in March as stipulated in the agreement.

David Garang Goch, Chairperson of Jonglei State Civil Society Network revealed that vigorous participation of youth was still questionable since few people were seen involved in the decision making processes.

He said it is the right time the States’ governors consider appointing young people to various positions during the formation of States’ cabinets.

“It is so disgusting when young people who are actively involved in nation building at different capacities do not make it to governments’ levels,” the activist said.

He was speaking in Bor Town during youth campaign on representation, inclusion and participation in decision making process.

The campaign dubbed “Voices of Youth Matter” was conducted by Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).  

The activist said the young people’s voices were critical in decision making process at all levels in the country.

According to Goch, youth were pillars of the society and they opt to be actively involved in decision making process.  

Manyok Samuel Deng, Assistant Field Coordinator for Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) said the campaign was championed to aware authorities on the implementation of youth rights.

“This will enable us the young people to come up with ideas that would spearhead developmental agenda. So such agendum will cushion youth programs and keep them active,” he said.

“So we want the government to make its citizens part and parcel of decision making. The fulfillment of these entitlements will encourage growth and development in the country,” Deng added

Akuak Deng Akuak, Bor resident said youth involvement would strengthen social fabrics between communities and their governments.

“This is because youth are the most affected by all the problems in the communities. So when they are engaged, they will mitigate hostilities in the various societies,” Akuak said.  

He affirms the inclusion will boost relations and ensure peace prevails in the country especially when youth are empowered to advocate for their rights.

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