Youth coalition decries violation of 35 percent

By John Agok

A coalition of 20 national organizations operating in South Sudan known as South Sudan Youth Coalition (SSYC) yesterday called  on Parties to the R-ARCSS to respect the slot for Women representation in the Upcoming third Wing of government especially the Revitalized National Legislative Assembly (R-NLA ) and in the other commissions.

During the press conference, the Executive Director for CAPADPeter MalirBiarappreciated the leadership for appointing the youths into the key leadership positions in the state government, but recorded with great concern that they have been keenly following the appointments and there has been serious violation of 35% affirmative action.

“We are expressing our disappointment in the parties to the agreement for not being able to appoint women and specifically young women in their political parties into leadership position. And it is informing us that the parties agreed to the 35% Affirmative action but failed to mobilized and organize the women to join their parties, whether they have no enough women. Women have always been tagged with the “Lack of capacity” and this implies that, the parties failed to invest in building the capacities of the Women in their parties because people join political parties to learn, grow and share experience of their political ideologies”, he explained.

Meanwhile Deputy Chair (SSYOC)AlithCyierMayar acknowledged to have done a lot of civic education to young women in joining political parties to be appointed in the top position in the government.

However,the National Coordinator (SSYOC) Christine Kide,promised the left out women to be patient and wait for general elections after this transitional government.

“We will go down to the people and lobby for appointment of the right people into the positions. This will paint negative picture on the government if they fail to represent women for that matter,” she said.

SSYOC is national organization for advocacy, policy research, governance and Democracy, health and education. The coalition seeks to provide a platform for youth to meaningfully and constructively contribute to nation building.

The event was conducted by South Sudan Youth Organizations Coalition through Christian for peace and development with a support of the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)

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