Youth changing Careers

By Akol Arop Akol

Have we noticed that our young graduates are entering into occupational fields they don’t plan for? They enter and get out of high school without planning what to be and reaching to university they would then make priorities and set up goals.

The challenge is the late decision of a school child to think of what he or she wants to be in the future. The parents often influence and force them to do something they have no knowledge of the same.

A child might have good singing voice and creative mind that composes songs, but instead of motivating him/her to upgrade and perfect the talents, the parents would tell them to stop. When a child plays football well, the mother or father may think it will spoil him or would distract him from learning.

Talents and professional career are different things. Something someone is born with is a unique gift from the Creator, while when we go to school; we learn different things and choose what to do.

The elders have often talked badly when a small boy sings well or adopting singing, they might think the other way round that the boy might be spoiled, and also when a small boy gets addicted to playing football, the parents might think he is wasting time.

People should learn lifestyle. We cannot do one thing. We are talented in different ways. The impacts of parents who fail to give guidelines to their sons and daughters are now forcing them to be what they don’t opt to be. When you happen to ask one of them, he or she would wish to become a doctor or an engineer.

These are the common titles that young people want to be called in the future. I never had someone willing to be a soldier or a policeman or a policewoman, but when they complete university, they change their minds.

I don’t know whether they come to realize they are not capable to fit in the level of their dream careers or understand to have made wrong decisions. You would get people converting from one field to another.

When they finish senior three and four and find no job, they would either employ themselves in criminal practices or they would alternatively do minor petty businesses. Many students who finished university education in South Sudan are becoming soldiers.

On one occasion, I found some young people who are fifteen of age or twenty years of age with their luggage heading somewhere and when I asked one of them he said they were going to the training field because they had enrolled in the police.

Sciences’ students could finish, but as they have no school fees for completing their degrees, they end up as drivers and builders, while arts’ students try to be security-guards and others decide to be soldiers. They know very well that soldiers are suffering now because they don’t get their salaries regularly. So, what option do they have?

The government and other companies should employ young people in order for them to put what they have learned in schools into practice. They have fresh ideas and the knowledge, which when applied effectively, will raise the standard of our country.

It is these young graduates that would fight the economic war and improve the life standards of our people. They are the ones who would become doctors to treat the sick instead of our people to go abroad for medical attention, which is expensive.

Therefore, inspire and support them financially. As you instill hopes in their hearts when they are young, they would grow having determinations that will lead them to their destination.

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